We have a team of engineers who are certified and experienced in Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare,

Linux, Symantec, McAfee, MS Exchange, VoIP, Internet Security and a multitude of other IT hardware and software.

  We provide services to organizations for hardware & software installations, desktop support,

Moves Adds & Changes on a regular basis.

  We act as an outsourced "IT Help Desk" team to our customers who do not need to hire dedicated

IT support engineers.

  We save our customers money -

An engineer's salary, benefits and other expenses - $ 45,000 - $ 75,000 per year and without any

backup in case of vacation, sickness etc.

  Prism Consulting Services, Inc. will take care of your IT needs and challenges with a team of

engineers who have the breadth and depth of knowledge.

Our close partnership with the manufacturers enables us to get local support.

We work after hours & weekends to make sure you are not disturbed in the evenings.

  We save our customers between 35% - 50% of their IT support costs during a year.

  We have a list of satisfied clientele, who are more than happy to vouch for us.

  We are only a phone call away and have a network of engineers all across the country for support.