Network Analysis

Most of the businesses today are dependent upon their network. What would happen if your network failed?

The demand for greater bandwidth, faster speeds and a more robust application support requires an up-to-date network. PRISM can analyze your network for efficiencies and/or deficiencies and then recommend improvements to meet your current and future needs.

Wireless Internet Access

Prism has deployed secure wireless internet access in various hotels & businesses in Northeast Florida and met all the required standards.

Network Security and Audits

Specializing in Penetration testing, Application testing, Data Security, Firewalls, VPN, and Remote access.


Prism will help you enable a workplace where centralized information and applications are accessible in real-time from any device, anywhere, over any connection.

Disaster Recovery

Specializing in backup and recovery procedures, power configurations, fault tolerant solutions, and recovery plans.

Network Moves and Migrations

Work with customers to define requirements, analyze needs, and create migration solutions from any network to the network they prefer. We successfully help in moving networks from one office to another with minimum downtime.

Remote Network Management

We will manage the network for you remotely 24x7 so that you can be rest assured.

Contract Services

Regular visits by expert technology consultants are contractually scheduled according to your needs and preferences. On each visit an extensive list of troubleshooting tasks are performed to monitor systems performances.

This may include the following:

  Server logs
  Error logs
  Firewall logs
  System events
  Connectivity failures
  Backup systems
  Printer systems
  Drive performance and mapping
  Internet/Intranet performance

  Remote access/synchronization
  Email administration
  Public/shared folders
  Switch/router traffic
  Cable and power supply
  Disk Storage capacity
  Software application revisions
  Virus protection